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Bibliothèque de Genève
Ms. l.e. 210
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Manuscript Title
Luca Pacioli, De divina proportione
Parchment · V + 130 + V ff. · 28.5/28.8 x 20/20.3 cm · Milan · 1498
Italian, Latin, Ancient Greek
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
The De Divina Proportione is a mathematical treatise by the Franciscan friar Luca Pacioli (1445-1517). The Italian text is followed by sixty polyhedra, drawn filled or empty, and influenced by Leonardo da Vinci. Of the three copies written during the author’s lifetime, only two remain. This copy, held by the Bibliothèque de Genève, is the presentation copy of the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza, whose coat of arms and motto adorn the manuscript (fol. Ir and LXIIv). (hoc)
Standard description:
Standard description
Isabelle Jeger, dans Antologia della Divina Proporzione di Luca Pacioli, 2010, pp. 31-35 – rédigé et complété par Brigitte Roux, e-codices, 2019.
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier
10.5076/e-codices-bge-le0210 (
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Genève, Bibliothèque de Genève, Ms. l.e. 210: Luca Pacioli, De divina proportione (
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Andrea Giovannini, 1996 (PDF)
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