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  • Scherrer Gustav, Verzeichniss der Handschriften der Stiftsbibliothek von St. Gallen, Halle 1875, S. 282-283.
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  • Bergmann Rolf / Stricker Stephanie, Katalog der althochdeutschen und altsächsischen Glossenhandschriften, Bd. II, Berlin 2005, S. 559-560.
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  • Codices Boethiani, A Conspectus of manuscripts of the works of Boethius II, ed. by Smith Lesley, London-Turin 2001, p. 205-206, Nr. 62.
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  • Lohr Carolus, Aristotelica Helvetica, Scrinium Friburgense (Sonderband 6), Freiburg 1994, S. 255-256.
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St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 831
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Codices Boethiani, A Conspectus of manuscripts of the works of Boethius II, ed. by Smith Lesley, London-Turin 2001, p. 205-206, Nr. 62.

Manuscript title: in Topica Cic., 1 in Isag., Isag.
Place of origin: Germany or Switzerland
Support: Parchment
Extent: 364 pages
Format: page 252 x 175 mm
Decoration: Competent red, green, purple, and ochre initials with Insular knots begin each book of in Topica Cic. Thereafter only a few simple red initials at the beginning of each new text, pp. 185, 260, 280. Much colour in the Strabo section. Quires numbered in colour, contemporaneously until p. 150, thereafter modem numbering.
Additions: Gloss: in Topica Cic. virtually no annotation; 1 in Isag. no annotation; Isag. no annotation.
Binding: Pastedowns removed. Binding: tooled white leather on boards; two clasps (lost). Label top centre on front cover Edicio Boecii in topica Tulii Ciceronis vi libri.
  • p. 1 doodles;
  • 2 s. xviii contents list.
Provenance of the manuscript: Germany or Switzerland (Munk Olsen). Liber SS. Galli atque Othmari (p. 3); stamp, p. 360.
  • Scherrer, pp. 282-3;
  • MBKDS, I, p. 111, line 17 (no. 11);
  • Steinmeyer-Sievers, V, p. 59, no. 698;
  • Bruckner, III, p. 45;
  • AL, 2127;
  • Bischoff, 'Eine Sammelhandschrift Walafrid Strabos (Cod. Sangall. 878)', Mittelalterliche Studien, II, pp. 34-51 (p. 45, n. 30);
  • Bergmann, no. 241;
  • Munk Olsen, III.1, p. 293 (dates A as s. x);
  • Lohr, AH, pp. 255-6.
Codicological unit: A
Date of origin: s. XI/XII
Page layout: text 2 cols, each 185 x 60 mm; 32 lines;
Writing and hands:
  • several good and compatible scribes.
  • Irish features in script.
Decoration: Tituli in orange, pp. 3, 117.
  • pp. 3a-168b in Topica Cic.
  • p. 117 Colophon to in Topica Cic. IV : conditor operis emendavi
  • 169a-172b Walafrid Strabo: Regulae metricae (Bischoff);
  • 173a-175a De ceromate
  • 175a-181a letter of Walafrid Strabo, inc. Domino meo benedictus salus et vita. Sicut iussisti mi domine flos et paradoxa
  • 181a calendar verses;
  • 182a book list.
Codicological unit: B
Date of origin: s. XII
Page layout: text 2 cols, each 175-85 x 60mm; 34 lines;
Writing and hands: ? scribe.
Decoration: Tituli in plain ink, not consistent, e.g. pp. 185a, 260a, 266b.
  • p. 183 blank;
  • 184 schema of substantia;
  • 185a-259b 1 in Isag.
  • 260a-266b Marius Victorinus (Candidus): De generatione divina
  • 266b-280b letter of Marius Victorinus to Candidus;
  • 280a-294b Isag.
  • 295a-331b commentary on Isag. [C]ur genus speciei differentiae proprio et accidenti disputationis ordine preponatur. Respondendum est iure factum videri …–… sed alius quidem paulo minus niger est alius vero teterimus. explicit
  • p. 332 blank;
  • 333a-344b commentary on Isag. Cum sit necessarium usque coniectans Utilitas huius libri quadrifariam spargitur narnque ad illud etiam ad quod eius dirigitur intentio magno legentibus usui est …–… ut tota disputatio ad predicamenta conveniat
  • 344b-359b excerpted summary of 1 in Isag. 1 ;
  • 359b summary definitions from Top. Diff. I-II;
  • 361-364 miscellaneous notes and diagrams.