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The e-codices newsletter provides information about the latest updates, highlights, and activities of our project and appears about 4-5 times per year.
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The e-codices team

In this issue
  1. Mission Statement
  2. Manuscript Education
  3. Three new libraries
  4. More manuscripts from the Braginsky Collection
  5. Special Manuscript: The Lucerne Schilling
  6. Special Manuscript: The Solothurn Fragments of the Theodulf-Bible
March 2015

Issue N° 19
Mission Statement
From its beginning e-codices has adhered to certain guiding principles. We continue to publish codices, in particular Swiss manuscripts. We consider e-codices primarily a research library. We aim to continually improve the quality of the library; we try to set new standards regarding the quality of our reproductions and the quality of our metadata and search functions. We remain committed to open access and to multilingualism, providing access in three Swiss national languages (German, French, Italian) and English. Since 2010 one of our priorities has been interoperability; new this year is our focus on manuscript education.