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University Libraries, Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Ms. Codex 135
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Statuts criminels
Paper · IV + 130 + III pp. · 19.8 x 14.8 cm · 1717-1724
Romansch language
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Manuscript Summary
First this manuscript contains the translation into Romansh of the statutes and laws of the district of Bergün in the revision from the year 1614 (pp. V5-V7 and 1­­23). On pp. 41-76 follow the laws and statutes of the district of Bergün from 1680, followed by supplements from the years 1690-1724 (pp. 7786); from 1719 (p. 83) on in a different hand. A new numbering begins on p. 109 with the translation of the Federal Charter of the three leagues in the 1544 version (1-7). This is followed by a table of contents, labeled "Register," to the laws (9-12); the last entries are by a second hand. As conclusion to these texts, there is a 1716 statute for the use of forests (pp. 15f), by the first hand again. Peidar P. Juvalta, ord. 1682, † 1724, signs as scribe; in 1719 he executed a second copy for a different commissioner (StAGR A 51). (dar)
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10.5076/e-codices-upl-mscodex0135 (
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Beschreibung der zweiten Abschrift:
Rudolf Jenny, Handschriften aus Privatbesitz im Staatsarchiv Graubünden, Chur 1974, A 51.

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