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Stiftskirche St. Michael
C 5 fol.
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Missal from Hochdorf
Parchment · 252 ff. · 34.5 x 24.5 cm · Southern Germany / Switzerland · 1474-1476
Latin, German
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Manuscript Summary
This missal following the practice of the Diocese of Constance was written for the church in Hochdorf (Lucerne) in 1474-1475 by Johannes Dörflinger, prebendary of Beromünster. The manuscript was commissioned for the new chaplainry of Sts. Peter and Paul, probably by its founder, the parish priest and dean Johannes Teller. It contains delicate filigreed initials at the beginning of the various liturgical sections and a full-page miniature of the Crucifixion (f. 106v), which introduces the Te igitur. Several pages originally left blank hold copies of the most important documents concerning the establishment of the prebend of Sts. Peter and Paul in Hochdorf (f. 78r-82v). (ber)
Standard description:
Standard description
Kopp Karl Alois, Die Stiftsbibliothek von Beromünster. Historisch-bibliographische Skizze. Teil II: Die Manuskripte und ältesten Druckwerke, Luzern 1904, S. 8-9.
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Additional description
Katalog der datierten Handschriften in der Schweiz in lateinischer Schrift vom Anfang des Mittelalters bis 1550, Bd. III: Die Handschriften der Bibliotheken Bern-Porrentruy, bearbeitet von Beat Matthias von Scarpatetti, Dietikon-Zürich 1983, S. 34.
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10.5076/e-codices-sbb-C0005-2 (
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Beromünster, Stiftskirche St. Michael, C 5 fol.: Missal from Hochdorf (
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