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Country of Location
St. Gallen
Library / Collection:
Library / Collection
Kantonsbibliothek, Vadianische Sammlung
VadSlg Ms. 352/1-2
Manuscript Title:
Manuscript Title
Speculum humanae salvationis (Ger.)
Paper · 55 ff. · 28.5-30 x 20.5 cm · around 1440
German, Alemannic
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
The Speculum humanae salvations is a work consisting of texts and illustrations of Biblical content. Each double page of the opened book shows four images, which usually juxtapose one scene from the life of Christ with three prefigurations from the Old Testament. In the present manuscript, this order has not been sustained consistently. The Latin text source has been translated into German verses, which earlier were erroneously attributed to Konrad von Helmsdorf. The Speculum is preserved as a composite manuscript of manuscripts and printed works; several pages are missing in the beginning. (gam)
Standard description:
Standard description
aus: HAN. Verbundkatalog Handschriften - Archive - Nachlässe, 2016.
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier
10.5076/e-codices-vad-0352-1-2 (
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St. Gallen, Kantonsbibliothek, Vadianische Sammlung, VadSlg Ms. 352/1-2: Speculum humanae salvationis (Ger.) (
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Restauration report
Louis Rietmann 1989 (PDF)
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