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Kantonsbibliothek Thurgau
Y 24
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Manuscript Title
Burgundian Breviary
Parchment · 366 ff. · 19 x 14.3 cm · Besançon · 13th/14th century
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
Breviary, rubricated red and blue, with numerous initials on a gold background as well as drolleries at the lower margin. Calendar with the signs of the zodiac and with agricultural tasks to be carried out in each month. Particularly worthy of emphasis are the full-page representations of St. Christopher (p. 176), of the Adoration of the Magi (p. 178), and of Christ on the Cross (p. 179). Based on the mention of saints in the calendar and in the rest of the manuscript, it was probably created in Besançon. From there, by unexplained means, it came into the possession of the patrician family Wallier of Solothurn: owners’ entries by Guillaume Wallier (16th century) and Henri Wallier (1605) on p. 4 and p. 731, the latter’s also on the front cover. On p. 90 of the 1858 catalogue of the cantonal library of Thurgau, the provenance is given as Fischingen. Possibly the mansucript reached Fischingen by means of one of the two abbots of Fischingen from Solothurn, Augustin Bloch from Oberbuchsitten (1776-1815) or the last Abbot of Fischingen, Franz Fröhlicher from Bellach (1836- 1848). (lug)
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10.5076/e-codices-kbt-y024 (
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Frauenfeld, Kantonsbibliothek Thurgau, Y 24: Burgundian Breviary (
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13th century, 14th century
Figurative, Fully Painted, Gold / Silver, Initial, Margin, Ornamental
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Liturgica christiana
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Katalog der Thurgauischen Kantonsbibliothek, 1858, Frauenfeld 1858, S. 90

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