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Fondation Martin Bodmer
Cod. Bodmer 706
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Manuscript Title
Kalpasūtra, i.e. "Book of rituals"
Paper · 121 ff. · 11 x 27.5 cm · likely Gujarat · 15th century (?)
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This unbound manuscript contains one of the most copied texts of the Śvetāmbara Jaina tradition, the Kalpasūtra, which was very popular all over India from the 14th century on. It is a collection of life stories of the great Tīrthaṅkāras. The present manuscript, written in Devanāgarī script, begins with the life of Mahāvīra Jīna, and continues with the biography of Pārśvanātha and Neminātha. The text is incomplete, missing folios 32, 85, 97, 103, and 125, which contained paintings that were sold separately. Their subject, however, can be restored through comparison with similar manuscripts. The paintings still in the manuscript (1v, 7r, 9v, 16v, 17v, 21r, 45v, 47v, 51r, 58r, 62v, 70r, 71v, 72v, 77v, 78r, 81v, 92r) depict the most important events of the lives of the Kalpasūtra’s figures. Based on the painting style, the manuscript is close to the 15th century. (ser)
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier
10.5076/e-codices-fmb-cb-0706 (
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Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 706: Kalpasūtra, i.e. "Book of rituals" (
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