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St. Gallen
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Cod. Sang. 439
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Parchment · 104 pp. · 37.2 x 26.3–26.8 cm · St. Gall · around 1555
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Manuscript Summary
The pontifical vesperal of St. Gall Abbott Diethelm Blarer (1530–1564) contains the prayers, psalms with antiphones and responsories, as well as hymns for the high holidays of the church year. Except for the incipits of the antiphones of the Magnificat, which are written in German plainsong notation (“Hufnagelnotation”) on five lines, the manuscript contains no melodies. The scribe of this volume was Father Heinrich Keller (1518–1567), subprior of the Monastery of St. Gall. The book’s decoration - 20 historiated initials and several richly decorated borders with pictures - is the work of an unknown artist from the region of Lake Constance, who also illuminated Cod. Sang. 357‬‬ and 442‬. (sno)
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Standard description
Scherrer Gustav, Verzeichniss der Handschriften der Stiftsbibliothek von St. Gallen, Halle 1875, S. 143.
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Additional description
Schmid Alfred A., Die Buchmalerei des XVI. Jahrhunderts in der Schweiz, Olten 1954, S. 146-147.
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10.5076/e-codices-csg-0439 (
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St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 439: Vesperale (
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Samuel_Schick · 10/29/2015, 23:09:17

Pages 3 - 5 :

Vorangestellt sind 3 Seiten durchgehend mit Hufnagel-Notation:

p. 3f Oratio dominica:
Pater noster qui es in celis, ... bis ... libera nos a malo,
p. 4 Salutatio:
Dominus vobiscum, R: Et cum spiritu tuo, Oremus,
p. 4f Benedictio apostolica:
Sit nomen domini benedictum R: Ex hoc
Adiutorium nostrum in nomine domini, R: Qui fecit,
Benedicat vos omnipotens deus, Pater, et filius, et spiritus sanctus, Amen

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