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Archives du Chapitre/Kapitelsarchiv
Ms. 83
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Manuscript Title
Composite Manuscript of legal texts
Parchment · 528 pp. · 37.3 x 26 cm · Italy or Southern France · first quarter of the 13th century (pp. 228b-230a 14th century)
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This composite manuscript contains legal texts, mainly from the period before Accursius (first half of the 13th century): the Dissensiones and the Insolubilia by Hugolinus de Presbyteris; the Quaestiones by Pillius de Medicina, by Azo, by Roffredus Beneventanus and others of uncertain attribution; the Libellus de iure civili, the Tractatus de bonorum possessione and the rare Tractatus de pugna by Roffredus Beneventanus; the Tractatus de reprobatione instrumentorum and the Summa arboris actionum by Pontius de Ilerda; several lecturae about titles and fragments of the Digestum Novum; the Brocarda by Azo; the Summula de testibus by Albericus de Porta Ravennate; an anonymous Tractatus de testibus; the Libellus disputatorius by Pillius de Medicina; fragments of the Notabilia about the Decretum by Gratian and about the Corpus iuris civilis; the ordo iudiciorum ‘Olim’; a part of the Catalogus praescriptionum, for a certain time attributed to Rogerius, and the ordo iudiciorum ‘Quicumque vult’ by Johannes Bassianus. (mas/mur)
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Standard description
Descrizione di Giovanni Chiodi, Andrea Massironi e Giovanna Murano per e-codices, 2016.
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier
10.5076/e-codices-acs-0083 (
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Sion/Sitten, Archives du Chapitre/Kapitelsarchiv, Ms. 83: Composite Manuscript of legal texts (
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